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Barcelona is one of the most unique and diverse cities across the planet. It has a great deal of amazing architecture, the gothic treasure and at the same time is a new and modern wonder of the world. Spain is currently the second highest visited country in the world with millions of tourists coming every year from different parts of the world. Moreover, the city has also become extremely popular for students and this has caused a recent increase in the number of people coming to study in Barcelona. It is also the most visited city for summer internships and programs.

A lot of people are worried about one thing, the place to stay. The answer to that is YOURHOMING. They are a housing rental company that has apartments ranging from 1 bedroom to 6 bedrooms. All their apartments come fully furnished with all the appliances such as TV, AC, bed sheets, towels, kitchen, sofa etc. They also provide special services such as a sales assistant throughout your stay to help you with nay problems and make sure you have a comfortable stay. They also have cleaning services which are included in the monthly rent of the apartment, which means that the tenant will not have to worry about paying separately and finding a cleaning company.

A lot of people prefer to stay in hotels when they are on holidays or business. However, this trend is slowly changing and people are moving towards platforms such as AirBNB, which gives a more personalized and homely feeling compare to a hotel. YOURHOMING provides rental apartments and is the new and in fashionable model.

Here are a few pointers as to why YOURHOMING apartments are a better bet than a fancy and expensive hotel for your stay.


It is like a home away from home with all the comforts that are present at home. Many people dislike hotels due to the large crowds, this is a perfect way to get away from the immense number of people and enjoy your holiday with privacy that no hotel can ever offer.


Another reason that the YOURHOMING model is more scalable today, is the price factor. Hotels are excessively priced and are usually not worth it for the services that you receive from it. YOURHOMING apartments are comparatively much cheaper than hotels and provide the same exact services if not better. Then why choose something more expensive like a hotel for your stay in Barcelona.

Homely Atmosphere

The YOURHOMING apartments give a very cozy and homely feeling compare to the grand and expensive hotels. They have all the amenities that a comfortable house needs and is clean and luxurious. All our houses are also private apartments which mean that you still have your privacy intact even though you are staying in an apartment complex.


Advantages to rent apartment in Barcelona

Advantages to rent apartment in Barcelona

Special Services

  • Concierge service- We at YOURHOMING make sure that every apartment has a concierge and sales assistant throughout the entire duration of the stay. They are at your disposal and can help with anything that you need, from suggestions on what to do in Barcelona and where to eat to apartment matters.
  • Cleaning service- There is a weekly cleaning service already included in the monthly rent that each person pays. The tenant will not have to worry about paying extra money from their own pocket or find a cleaning company for the apartment. Moreover, the tenants will not have to spend hours of their precious time trying to clean it themselves. Everything is already taken care of.
  • Cheap- The apartments are extremely cheap compare to any hotel in Barcelona. While people are on a 4 to 5 day business trip they spend huge amounts of money on a hotel. YOURHOMING apartments are much cheaper. Plus, YOURHOMING owns all the apartments and does not have any intermediaries involved. This helps us guarantee you the best prices for all the apartments.


The specialty about the apartments of YOURHOMING is that they can fit any type of person visiting Barcelona. Be it a person on business who needs to stay for a long period of time, a student studying in Barcelona, a summer intern, a person who has come for medical purposes or a tourist visiting the beautiful city.


These are the set of services we offer and this is what makes YOURHOMING different from the other housing rental companies. The service of our tenants is the highest priority at all times and we make sure that everyone has a comfortable stay in the city of Barcelona. Moreover, as you can clearly see from all the information above the YOURHOMING apartments are a much better bet while staying in Barcelona rather than a costly and crowded hotel. For more information you can visit our website or write to us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.