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Barcelona is currently one of the major cities in the world; it is growing at an extremely rapid rate in every aspect. Be it tourism, education, jobs or the sporting sector. Barcelona is a global hub for all these important aspects. Spain is currently the third most visited country by international tourists and Barcelona makes up for more than 70% of the Spain tourism.

Moreover, it is growing as a major student hub in the recent years. Barcelona´s highly ranked business universities and colleges and starting to bring in students for all over the world and settle in Barcelona. It does not stop there, Barcelona is currently the biggest internship and summer program stop for the college students from across the world.

The most important thing while a person comes to Barcelona as a tourist or a student is the place of stay. People spend huge amounts of time trying to figure out which place will give them a cheap and amazing stay with special services.

Fortunately, there is one company that can satisfy all the customer needs and provide a comfy and luxurious stay; it is YOURHOMING.

YOURHOMING is a housing provider which provides apartments, houses and lofts for short-term and long term stays. They have a wide variety of options, ranging from one or two bedroom apartments to as many as a six bedroom apartment. All the apartments are perfect for you to move in and come fitted with the latest and new appliances.

All the apartments include fresh bed sheets and covers, towels, an AC, a TV, sofas, beds, a kitchen with all the equipment, washing machine, dryer etc. We rent out apartment on a monthly basis with a minimum rental period of 1 month and a maximum rental period of 11 months.

For more info regarding our company you can go through our website which available in both English and Spanish: Apartments in Barcelona


Why Choose Us

YOURHOMING offers the best prices compare to other rental providers and housing companies as there are no intermediaries involved between you and us while you are renting an apartment. This means that we provide houses at a very reasonable and low cost.

Plus, many of our apartments are located in extremely vibrant and buzzing areas where there are amazing restaurants and bars. This is a great way to indulge in the culture and food of the city. The apartments are also very close to many sources of public transport like the metro, bus and tram which will make life extremely easy while moving around in the city.


Special Features we Offer

We offer an array of special and unique services that many housing providers do not.

Firstly, the cleaning charges for the apartment are included in the monthly rent that is paid by the tenant. So you will not have to worry about paying out of your pocket to get the apartment clean. Secondly, we have a concierge and sales assistant for each apartment that will be at your disposal throughout your stay at any of our apartments.


Our Apartment Styles


Type of tenants:

Our team understands exactly what you need and have everything in place, ready for you to move in. We have made a list of all the possible tenants and made sure every type of tenant has a wonderful stay.


The renting system of YOURHOMING makes it perfect for interns who comes for a 2-3 month period. The apartments come fully furnished with all the appliances which mean that the interns will not have to worry about buying things like bed sheets and towels or kitchen necessities.

As mentioned earlier all the apartments are extremely close to sources of public transport which makes it easy for the interns to move around the city and explore the life in Barcelona. Restaurants and bars are not too far away as well, making it easy for the interns to mix with local and interact with friends while enjoying nice food or a drink.

Moreover, our cleaning services ensure that the interns will not have to worry about cleaning the apartment as the cleaning fees in included in the rental cost.


Students coming to study in Barcelona will find this as a perfect platform for their stay. It comes fully equipped with everything that is needed for a comfortable stay. Moreover, all the apartments come with an insurance liability, this will not stress out about searching and buying housing insurance separately.

The close proximity of public transport such as the bus and metro mean that the students can easily travel to and from university and around the city.


The most important thing for tourists is that it is exactly like a hotel with everything furnished and the cleaning service included, but it gives you the homely feeling that the hotels can never achieve.

The apartments are close to many of the famous tourist attractions such as the La Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, Camp Nou and the beach. It is very east to get to different place as the public transport is not too far away from any of the apartments.

The main feature that makes is suitable for tourists is that each apartment gets assigned a sales assistant who will help you plan your stay better and makes sure that you do not have any difficulties throughout the course of the stay.


These are the set of services we offer and this is what makes YOURHOMING different from the other housing rental companies. The service of our tenants is the highest priority at all times and we make sure that everyone has a comfortable stay in the city of Barcelona. For more information you can visit our website or write to us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.